Tuesday, August 18, 2009

August Challenge - Inkurable Stampers

Inkurable Stampers challenge for August is something with a theme of music. It could be in your design, a song title or phrase, anything really that is attached to music - just make sure you use a stamp on your design!

This LO has taken me a few days to put together, but I am happy with the result. This is a little bit out of my comfort zone, but love the brightness of it (and the beauty in the photo!). Just in case it isn't obvious, my music related theme is the title of that great song "Don't worry, be happy".




Emily said...

I love it! very colourful and I espcially love that cutie!!!:D
Love Em

Jacob said...

Awesome work Mum, I love the stitching around the aquares - really sets it off! Love J.

Gio said...

Great realization! And the picture is so funny! Every detail express such joy of life!:-)

Sande said...

Hey Fiona. You blog?! Yeah. I really like the colors.

And wow. Was Em ever that young?

Sarah Schwerin said...

Awesome work Fiona! And welcome to blog land! :)

Naomi said...

Very Funny Emily!

I think the flowers on it are very pretty.

What exactly was this for? I'm not sure.

Love you heaps Aunty Fiona!

Fiona said...

oh mim you are too sweet :) Ok, so there are other blogs that run a competition each month, and you can make things (this is a scrapbook layout) and sometimes you get chosen to win a prize. Usually lots of people enter them... I like to enter them because it sometimes makes me create something I wouldn't normally do. Hope this answers your question a bit.
Bye for now

laury55 said...

wow great layout, I love all the colors