Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Handmade Bags for Operation Christmas Child

Well, here are the first two (two more to go). These are oriented toward the girl boxes we have done. They are made with cotton and calico using a plastic shopping bag as a template, and are fully lined and include a gusset. These are not the standard grocery size bag, but one about 2/3 of that size. The photo was taken with a 4-pack of loo paper for representation (no, the loo paper is not going in the shoe boxes :)

If you are wondering what I am talking about bags in shoe boxes, see my previous post.



Sande said...

Very cool... bet you Mim is gonna love those.

Emily said...

i love them too! very cool!
love em

Anonymous said...

The children will love those bags in their Christmas box, what a lovely idea.
Love Mum

Naomi said...

Awesome bags!
How did you make them?

Love heaps,Naomi

Fiona said...

Hey Mim, I patchworked the coloured fabric part on the machine, and then used those parts to cut out my templates from, and then just sewed them up.

Naomi said...

Awesome! They look really good.