Sunday, September 27, 2009

Christmas story mini-quilts (finally)

I started work on these mini quilts a couple of years ago. When they were all at the stage of binding the edges, I kind of put them away with only one complete, and one pinned, and the rest not touched.

Not finishing projects is becoming too much of a habit for me, so (especially now that I am homeschooling), I am trying to set a better example for my kids by actually FINISHING some things that I have started.

I always thought these mini-quilts would be a great visual way to assist in telling the story of Jesus birth.



Emily said...

i love them! they are so cute and look good with the star buttons(finally found some!)!
Love Em-e

Naomi said...

It would of taken awhile! There so nice.

I just finished making a mini quilt.


Anonymous said...

Hi Fiona , a lovely way to tell the Christmas story , what a lot of work beautifully done.
Love Mum

Vicky said...

Too cute :)