Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Father's Day 2009

I was inspired by the scraptwist competition (see previous post) and tried to step out of my comfort zone when making father's day cards this year. Both cards (one design for my dad and father-in-law, and the other for my kids to give to my husband) feature the use of texture paste. They are quite different to what I'd normally do, but I like them! (Hope they don't see this post before Sunday!)



Emily said...

I love them, very different!!!
Hehehe...that wouldn't be very good!
love em

Jacob said...

Love it Mum, I am sure all the dads will love being related to you!

Naomi said...

There wonderful cards. I love it how theres the blue & the red together on one of them.

Love heaps,Naomi