Sunday, March 28, 2010

Crochet Cardigan

I have been busy in the last week or so (not just with the every day stuff), but working on this great short sleeved cardigan for Emily.

This is Patons pattern which has been waiting for just the right time, and that time was now. We used a Moda Vera yarn which was a cotton/bamboo blend. It is actually a very soft yarn, with a slightly silky feel. The cardigan isn't stiff like you would expect from cotton alon, and has a nice drape to it.

She is really happy with it, and I am happy because I started and finished a project in a little over a week (would have been less except I ran out of yarn!)



Anonymous said...

Hi Fiona , Love the cardigan , it looks lovely , and it looks great on your lovely little model .
Love Mum