Sunday, September 26, 2010

2010 Gothic Arches #19 - All About Me

This is such a fantastic theme to explore. I can't wait to see what you make with your 'All About Me' theme :) Will you include a photo of yourself? Something that is important to you? A favourite thing?

Because this was such an individual challenge, you won't find the details on my blog of how I put this together - you can visit the Inkurable Stampers blog post about it right here for that information. Instead, I thought I'd walk you through the elements of 'me' that I have included on my gothic arch - hope you enjoy the journey :)

* The colours - In the recent few years I have developed a passion for brown - I have discovered I wear it better than black, and that I am slowly changing my wardrobe to a more muted palate. This is a favourite combination of mine - brown, green, pink and cream to keep it fresh.

* I love texture

* the shabby style - this is for my daughter who recently made her first shabby piece and her first gothic arch and inspired me to try it as well

* through my torn window - I love to make 'handmade'. Funny story here - I love to visit markets (especially craft ones) - but am often disappointed in myself because many times I walk away thinking - I can make that, but never do. I love the thrill of visiting a market and seeing something that is handmade that I cannot figure out how it was made :)

* The button - not so unique to me, a love of buttons developed from running my fingers through my paternal nans button box.

* The crochet - an ability taught to me by my maternal nan - hours spent watching her crochet countless granny squares, and sharing with me the joys to be found there.

* The ruler and (?) knitting needles - I'm not sure if they are needles, or if they are meant to be pens, but in my mind they represent a pair of knitting needles. Another wonder my maternal nan nurtured at a young age.

* The mannequin - a tribute to my mum. (don't cry mum if you read this) Although her work as seamstress happened before my time, her stories of making beautiful dresses in the 1950's always made me want to sew. I thank her for at least instilling in me enough sense to be able to give sewing a go when the urge presents itself.

* The cross stitches - hiding, but not forgotten. The importance of doing it 'just right' shared with me by my paternal nan, even if it made my pop a teensy bit jealous.

* The art splots, brushes and calligraphy pen - I learnt to calligraphy well enough as a teen to write out my own wedding invitations in some form of script. The art brushes - well, they're always fun to play with, and who wouldn't wish to be able to draw/paint really well ;)

* The flowers - I love to have fresh roses from the garden brought in to the house.

* The music score - I had to put this one on there.... oh well.... a tribute to learning to play the organ when I was young. And for my son who plays guitar.

and hiding inside the door....

* Hiding because it's kind of tucked away from most people - I have long wanted to learn to speak French, and now that I am homeschooling, my daughter and I have started to learn it together. The woman looking wistfully, the Eiffel Tower, and the clock to represent time. That's me... one day.... maybe....

But wait! Did you think I had forgotten one sparkly thing?

* The pink rhinestone necklace - well, these are to represent diamonds. A few years ago I developed a fascination of pink diamonds, which didn't take to long to take hold in me that I really wanted one. Two Christmases ago, my husband wrote me a beautiful little story and sent me looking for a hidden gift. Unbeknownst to me, he had had me a beautiful pink and white diamond ring made over the internet and phone with a jewellers in the Kimberley's (in outback Western Australia for overseas visitors). I am so fortunate to have such a wonderful man in my life. One day, so he tells me, he's going to take me to the Kimberley's in person :) woo hoo!

Well, if you've stuck around, thanks :) I hope you all found something here to inspire you today.

Sarah's 2010 Inkurable Stampers Gothic Arch challenge is still powering along - you have plenty of time to still join in, even if you only want to do one or two arches. We have a dedicated Flickr group where you can display your creations, and I'd love to see some of your work over there. Maybe you have a story to tell with your "All About Me" challenge.

So what's stopping you? Get crafting!!



mustavcoffee said...

Hi Fiona, love your personal arch, pink and green are a favourite combination of mine. I to am green, you crochet beautifully:) mine turn out like dishrags:{
Well done you learning French, I really hope one day you will be able to go to Paris, I went for the first time last year and was blown away, it's wonderful. Your arch is beautiful:0) xx

shirley henry said...

I enjoyed reading about you Fiona!
You were lucky to have a nan.
I love how you combined all the elements on your arch.
What a lovely and thoughtful husband you have.

Vicky said...

Beautiful arch Fiona, & what great stories to go with all the bits & pieces you included, T4S :)

Anonymous said...

HI Fiona , Just beautiful , did bring a tear to my eyes , I guess that is what getting older is all about .
Love you Mum xx

Maya said...

Such a wonderful project of you!
Love all the details and warm colors.
Hugs from Maya

Aija said...

Love your arch and crochet!