Thursday, September 22, 2011

An awesome way to celebrate 200 blog posts...

So yay - 200 posts is here... that is a lot of waffle, and a lot of projects.

I don't have a project to share today, but a story about my ex-team mate and owner of The Play Date Cafe Blog, Julie Ranae.  Julie has been have some dreadful issues with her teeth recently, and has found herself in the unfortunate position of having no front teeth, and the lack of money to have them replaced.

Nicole from the Sweet Stamp Shop is rallying the troops (AKA as crafting, blogging friends and acquaintances) to organise a fund raiser and huge blog hop to help out.  There will be heaps of prizes along the way and loads of fun to be had - so mark your diaries for the blog hop October 7th - 9th.

If you'd like to donate there is a button over there on my sidebar which will link you through to a very easy to use donate system.

If you want to read more about Julie's story, you can check out her blog here, or visit the Sweet Stamp Shop blog here.

Thanks for stopping by and having a read.  Oh yes, and I will be part of the hop - so hope to see you there!



Julie Ranae said...

Fee...I miss YOUR smile on our team but am so thankful for the friendships that reach so far....
I am honored that your milestone 200th post is about this benefit.
I am also glad that you will be joining the fun of the hop!
Thank you my friend {{hugs}}