Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Quick reminder...

That this coming weekend is the huge blog hop for Operation Julie's Smile - here is a link to the original post I wrote about it.

We would love to have you along for the ride - you can be in the chance to win a share of the $2500 in prizes by leaving comments in the blog hop, and/or making a donation (the button is in my sidebar) to the benefit (note: EVERY donation goes in with a chance to win, no matter it's size....)

I will be one of the blogs in the hop, and I hope to see lots of my blogging friends visiting over the weekend.  I was also able to contribute some handmade crocheted flowers to the prize pool... here is a little look-see at what I made.

See you at the hop!



Sarah Anderson said...

yay, I'm before you on the hop so will be sending people your way tomorrow :) Hope you're well, those crochet flowers are FaBuLouS!!

shirley said...

Love your crochet flowers Fee!
I will try and hop along :)

Cozycomfycouch said...

Fiona these are precious! Truly beautiful! Have a lovely weekend!

Helen L said...

You MAKE those flowers? They are fantastic!!!!

Julie Ranae said...

As I said before, these flowers are so beautiful. I am such a fan of crochet...I have so many doilies in my home that I have collected over the years...I may still be one the remaining few who still uses them under my lamps and on my tables.

These are stunning!!!! Thank you for making someone very happy because when they receive them, they will adore them.